1. Information Gathering

This is one of the most important stages for us in developing the website. Our professional team will have you on a interview to gather information about the objectives, goals, target market, and the content of the website that will be build. This is intended to get complete understanding about the website that will be build. On this stage, we will ask all the data that we require in the website developing process, such as company logo, supporting photos, company profile, etc. Your cooperation is very important during this stage.

2. Planning

All of the information that has been gathered on the first stage becomes the basis for us to make planning. Here, planning are include time line making, site map, and determine the technology that will be use to develop the website.

3. Design

On this stage, we create website layout that will helps you to see how the site will looks like and also the navigation. After it was finished, we will continue with implementing the pictures to the website and we will also make a style for website.

4. Development

This is the stage where the website is really developed. Here, we will make the website function properly. On this stage, we are adding form contact, making a database, making an email, adding map and any other things that will become the website features.

5. Testing

On this stage, we will test the website that has been developed. The test is include testing toward wrong link, browser compatibility, website speed, and also website security. On this stage, we make sure that the whole website works properly.

6. Deployment

If the website is already free from errors, it means that the website is ready to be uploaded. By being uploaded means that the website can be accessed by all people throughout the world. On this stage, we will test the website once again to make sure that the website runs as well as the offline version. We also register the website to some search engines so that it can be indexed.

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