If I want to order a website in Ixosoft Online Solutions, should I take one of the packages available?

NO. The packages that we provide is to help you to find your needs faster. If you have special needs outside the packages provided, we are ready to serve you.

Does the package price includes the cost of hosting and domain?

The package price DOESN'T include the cost of hosting and domain. We do not include them because the cost of domain and hosting depending on TLDs name's domain (.com, .org,. co.id, etc.) and the hosting capacity you chose.

Do I have to pay maintenance fee every month if I make a website in Isoxoft Online Solutions?

NO. The routine cost only once a year, for hosting and domain. Except if you want us to maintain your website. Or in other words, you will pay a monthly maintenance fee only if you request it.

Will I get full access to the website?

YES. We give full access to your website. You can make any changes to your website.

How long is the warranty of the website?

Online Ixosoft Solutions provides the warranty period for 3 MONTHS, counted after the website declared finished.

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